Having a great garage is great, but a hot garage is not that fun.  Although great to store your cars, garages are much more versatile with many other uses. From workshops, studios, spare rooms, home gyms and game rooms, garages quickly became a place to be.

My A/C doesn’t have a vent to my garage and so much heat is coming through that thin metal door. So how can we stay cooler in there?

At Attic Pros we can help provide a few solutions. One, is to add attic insulation directly above the space in your garage. In addition we can install an R8 value of insulation directly to your garage door, resulting in heat and noise reduction.

Garage Door Insulation Benefits

5x Better than an uninsulated garage door

As much as 20% reduction in noise level

Garage Doors in Direct Sun Can be as much as 140 Degrees

Cooler garage year-round

Cooler home from less garage heat

More Garage time

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